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Ready for some finger-licking good Cajun food?


Here is a selection of restaurants to delight – and set on fire – your palate:


In California


of San Francisco





Vlad Dracul




Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul (the dragon or the devil) as his contemporaries nicknamed him, was one of the bloodiest rulers of all times. But around the years 1400 in Transylvania, being a bloody ruler was neither unnecessary nor condemned.  With enemies like armies of Turks, foreign spies and treasonous politicians plotting to murder him, bloodletting was a necessary evil.  He was, however, a protector of his people and, his Principality being at the gates of Europe, he almost single-handedly stopped the Turks in their march across the continent.  Legends spun by the locals after Vlad‘s death lived to enter the Romanian folklore and gave Bram Stoker the subject for his book, Dracula, after which many movies were made.  Read more about Vlad the Impaler and see the places where he lived HERE










The “Orchid Cactus”


No plant in our world displays more contrast between its ugly, slow-growing stems and the incredibly beautiful, yet short lived, small or large but always-showy flowers.  A member of the family of Epiphytes, plants that use other plants, mostly trees, for support, but they’re not parasites, they grow their own, extensive root system and store nutrients in their succulent stems, resisting over long periods of dryness.

After a long growing period, sometime years, Epiphyllums bloom rapidly, with flowers like explosions of color, some bold, like the bright-red Corona del Sol above, some delicate, like the Honey Dew to the right.  Although easy to grow, they take a long time, putting one’s patience to test at times. Some flowers are huge, more than 12” across! Read about them, and see more photos of Epiphyllums, HERE

In Texas


Rodair Club

of Port Arthur


Crescent City Café

of Dallas



In New York


(Still looking J)

In Louisiana


Yeah, sure.  We

wouldn’t even try! J


Look here for Amber Alerts!











Romanian cuisine






     Queen of the Gypsies?


According to some, nothing short of. The gifted Romanian actress, dancer and singer of German descent, who developed an interest in, and a kinship with, the Roma (Gypsy) nation, was a shoe-in for the part of Sabina, the Gypsy seductress of Tony Gatlif‘s movie Gadjo Dilo (The Crazy Stranger) the first movie ever to be made by a Gypsy director, a glimpse into the troubled yet free life of the Gypsies.  The 1998 movie was an international success, propelling Rona to places like Cannes and San Francisco and getting her the Locarno Festival Best Actress Award for her performance as Sabina.  If you didn’t hear about Rona yet, you will!   Read more about Rona Hartner on her web site HERE.   An interview with Rona, translated from French, HERE and another one by indieWIRE HERE.


In California

of Anaheim


In Texas

Athenee Cafe

of Dallas-ForthWort



of Addison







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         OBJECT ART

Sometimes art just happens.  I see this all the time in the objects that surround me.  Outdoors, indoors, even in the kitchen, of al places.  I do help things along, I have to admit it, but not with premeditation.  It’s just that when I put things down I try to set them such that they please the eye.  One of my favorites places is the top of my old Wedgewood range, a timeless  work of art  itself.   I surrounded it with  pine wood,

not to please the eye, but to have some needed work surfaces. The oiled wood looks warm and inviting and enhances visually most things I place on it.  So when I see something I  like, whether dried orange halves or the old Sheffield knife next to a Mikasa saucer, I tend to improve on it and even take pictures of it.  Whether you call it Photography or “Object Art”, take a look at these 2 shots I took recently.  If you like them, feel free to post them elswhere, but only with the correct attribution:



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Beautiful new ceramic tiles from Iznik, Turkey.

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